Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tear Proteins

The major tear proteins in relative concentration or mass.
•Lysozyme ~300 micromolar (~4.6 mg/ml)
•Tear Lipocalin 74-85 micromolar (~1.5 mg/ml)
•Lactoferrin ~24 micromolar (~2 mg/ml)
•Lipophilin ~3 micromolar (45-100 ug/ml)
•IgA (5.9 ug/ml )

  • Lysozyme- antibacterial action by cleaving cell wall constituents
  • Tear Lipocalin- scavenges lipids from the cornea surface, role in tear film stability, antifungal activity by binding to fungal siderophores, endonuclease activity
  • Lactoferrin- antimicrobial action by competing for iron with microbes.


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