Friday, October 14, 2005

CT Scan Images of Orbital Anatomy

Click on images for larger view

1. Maxillary sinus
2.Temporalis Fossa (the arrow points to the zygoma which of course is missing on the opposite side). Notice the internal auditory canal which, combined with the nasal septum and maxillary sinus, gives you a fairly accurate plane of sectioning.
3. Nasal septum

4. Zygoma
5. Inferior orbital fissure (note it narrows posteriorly and medially)
6. Greater wing of sphenoid (one location for meningioma, Langerhans histiocytoma and plasmacytomas of the orbit)
7. Beginning of the opening for the nasolacrimal duct in the lacrimal fossa
8. Inferior rectus muscle

It may help you greatly to study the dissected view of a skull in the radiologic plane. Click to open in a new window the image from the University of Utah.

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