Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ocular Pathology Study Guide

Ocular Pathology Study Guide For Ophthalmology Residents

Ben Glasgow, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology and Pathology
Jules Stein Eye Institute
University of California, Los Angeles

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The following material is intended for licensed physicians trained to practice medicine. The practice of medicine has associated risks and complications. The Authors and MedRounds Publications, Inc. do not intend for this material to replace proper medical and surgical training, and we shall not be liable to any user of our materials or any third person as a result of use of our educational materials.

Although the published material has been reviewed by licensed physicians for accuracy at the time of publication, medicine and the standard of care may change quickly. Physicians are reminded, therefore, that guidelines for care can change and opinions can be controversial. Neither MedRounds Publications, Inc., the sponsors nor contributing institutions, nor the individual authors and editors are responsible for deletions or inaccuracies in information or for claims of injury resulting from any such deletions or inaccuracies. We advise physicians to consult the primary research literature before implementing any new treatments.

The author has no financial interests in the commerical products discussed in this publication.


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